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Requests for Plated Compound Sets

A number of plated compound sets, both diverse and focused, are available to academic researchers, non-profit organizations and small businesses for targeted screening projects. There is no charge for the sets except for shipping costs. Large businesses are also eligible to apply for samples subject to review and definition of the appropriate cost-sharing arrangements.

Plated samples generally solubilized in DMSO are provided in frozen 96-well microtiter plates. A listing of available plated sets and a linked description of each set can be found at the Open Chemical Repository webpage A plate map is included with each shipment of plates and indicates the accession number of the compound in each well. In some cases, the individual samples have not been analyzed for the accuracy of the structural information or for the purity of the sample unless otherwise indicated in the set description.

Requests for materials should include:

The request form can be found at DTP Compound Request

Questions should be addressed to:

Stephen L. White, Ph.D.


This material is treated as a confidential communication and will not be disclosed to a third party except at the supplier's explicit request.