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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Last Updated: 08/18/15

Stage2 tested compounds

The table below lists yeast strain(s) that showed growth inhibition at each dose for all available compounds in Stage2 testing. For each dose, the yeast strain(s) whose growth was inhibited by at least 70% are listed. If no strain is listed, none of the strains were inhibited at that dose.

Data are available for 2,189 compounds, split into several pages. Compounds are listed in order by NSC number (NCI's identification number for a compound). This page contains data for 300 compounds (NSC 602889 - NSC 652815).


  • Click on Stage2 Graphs to retrieve dose-response curves and a bar graph of the IC50 values from which the IC50 value of the appropriate wild type control has been subtracted.
  • Click on 60 Cell Data to retrieve data (if available) from the 60 Human Tumor Cell Line Screen and to run COMPARE (an algorithm that finds compounds and molecular targets with similar patterns in the 60 cell screen). Not all compounds have been tested in the 60 cell line screen.
  • To retrieve structural information (if any is available) click on 3D Structure.
  • wt1 serves as the control for CLN2oe, bub3, mec2, rad14, rad18, rad50 & rad52.
  • wt2 serves as the control for mgt1, mlh1, rad50EPP+ & sgs1.

Inhibited Strains

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