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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Last Updated: 08/18/15


National Cancer Institute
Developmental Therapeutics Program

Rockville, MD

Susan Holbeck (Email questions to
Jim Drake1
Jill Johnson
Tim Myers2
Daniel Zaharevitz
Ed Sausville


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Seattle, WA

Heather Dunstan3
David Evans
John Lamb
Philippe Szankasi4
Julian Simon
Stephen Friend5

  1. current affilliation: NCI Biomedical Imaging Program
  2. current affilliation: Large Scale Biology Corporation
  3. current affilliation: Stratagene
  4. current affiliation: Myriad Genetics
  5. current affilliation: Rosetta Inpharmatics

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Email questions to: Susan Holbeck []