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Last Updated: 08/18/15

Stage2 IC50 patterns and dose-response curves.

From each of the following tables you will be able to retrieve a page with 2 graphs of Stage2 data for a chosen compound. Most of the tables also provide links to search for screening data from the NCI 60 Human Tumor Cell Line Screen and for 3D structures of the compounds. Stage2 data are available for 2,189 compounds.

  • The data is presented as a graph of the IC50 values relative to the appropriate control strain. The values shown are the difference in the negative of the log of the IC50. Positive values represent compounds that inhibit a given strain more than they do the control strain. (For example a value of 1.0 would result if a compound inhibited a test strain 10-fold more than it inhibited the wild type control.) The values are shown to the right of the graph.

  • The data is also presented as a dose response curve of relative growth (yeast strain with drug relative to no drug control).

Stage2 data: Retrieve a table of selective compounds that inhibit a given yeast strain (growth inhibition of 70% or more) at one or more of the tested doses. These tables provide data for compounds that inhibit only the chosen strain for at least one of the tested doses, as well as compounds that inhibit the chosen strain PLUS several other strains.

Stage2 data: Retrieve tables of strains inhibited at each dose for all compounds tested in Stage2. The growth of the listed strain(s) was inhibited by at least 70%. Data are available for 2,189 compounds, split into several tables.

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