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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
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Last Updated: 06/17/15

Computational Drug Development Group (CDDG)


The Computational Drug Development Group provides computational support to NeXT/CBC, Division, DTP, and joint CCR/DCTD projects. CDDG’s capabilities include a variety computational chemistry and biology techniques.

  • Protein Structure Modeling
  • Quantum Mechanics (Ab initio & DFT)
  • Structure-based Discovery and Design
  • Pharmacophore Modeling & Molecular Docking
  • Functional Biology
  • Systems Biology & Pathway Prediction
  • Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics

CDDG Personnel

Name Role Email
CAPT Rick Gussio PhD Section Chief
Brian D. Peyser PhD Computational Biology
Connor McGrath PhD Bioinformatics
James C. Burnett PhD Structural Medicinal Chemistry
Ann R. Hermone PhD Computational Chemistry

Selected Publications

  1. Kiris, E., Burnett, J.C., Nuss, J.E., Wanner, L.M., Peyser, B.D., Du, H.T., Gomba, G.Y., Kota, K.P., Panchal, R.G., Gussio, R., Kane, C.D., Tessarollo, L., Bavari, S., 2015. SRC family kinase inhibitors antagonize the toxicity of multiple serotypes of botulinum neurotoxin in human embryonic stem cell-derived motor neurons. Neurotox Res 27, 384–398.
  2. Salamoun, J., Anderson, S., Burnett, J.C., Gussio, R., Wipf, P., 2014. Synthesis of heterocyclic triads by Pd-catalyzed cross-couplings and evaluation of their cell-specific toxicity profile. Org Lett 16, 2034–2037.
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  8. Nguyen, T.L., Cera, M.R., Pinto, A., Lo Presti, L., Hamel, E., Conti, P., Gussio, R., De Wulf, P., 2012. Evading Pgp activity in drug-resistant cancer cells: a structural and functional study of antitubulin furan metotica compounds. Mol Cancer Ther 11, 1103–1111.
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  11. Nguyen, T.L., Xu, X., Gussio, R., Ghosh, A.K., Hamel, E., 2010. The assembly-inducing laulimalide/peloruside a binding site on tubulin: molecular modeling and biochemical studies with [3H]peloruside A. J Chem Inf Model 50, 2019–2028.
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