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Last Updated: 05/06/15

BTB Publications

  1. Day C-P, Carter J, Weaver-Ohler Z, Bonomi C, Meskini RE, Martin P, Graff-Cherry C, Feigenbaum L, Tuting T, Van Dyke T, Hollingshead M, Merlino G. 2014. “Glowing Head” mice: a genetic tool enabling reliable preclinical image-based evaluation of cancers in immunocompetent allografts. PLoS ONE 9(11): e109956. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0109956.
  2. Figg WD, Monga M, Headlee D, Shah A, Chau CH, Peer C, Messman R, Elsayed YA, Murgo AJ, Melillo G, Ryan QC, Kalnitskiy M, Senderowicz AM, Hollingshead M, Arbuck SG, Sausville EA. 2014. A phase I and pharmacokinetic study of oral perifosine with different loading schedules in patients with refractory neoplasms. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 74 (5): 955-967.
  3. Hollingshead MG, Stockwin LH, Alcoser SY, Newton DL, Orsburn BC, Bonomi CA, Borgel SD, Divelbiss R, Dougherty K, Hager EJ, Holbeck SL, Kaur G, Kimmel DJ, Kunkel M, Millione A, Mullendore ME, Stotler H, Collins J. 2014. Gene expression profiling in 49 xenograft models: changes with successive passage in vivo. BMC Genomics. 15(1): 393-408.
  4. Park SR, Kinders RJ, Khin S, Hollingshead M, Antony S, Parchment RE, Tomaszewski JE, Kummar S, Doroshow JH. Validation of a Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1α Specimen Collection Procedure and Quantitative ELISA in Solid Tumor Tissues. 2014. Anal Biochem. 459:1-11.
  5. Johnson CH, Manna SK, Krausz KW, Bonzo JA, Divelbiss RD, Hollingshead MG, Gonzalez FJ. 2013. Global metabolomics reveals urinary biomarkers of breast cancer in a MCF-7 xenograft Mouse model. Metabolites 3(3): 658-672.
  6. Wu Y, Lu J, Antony S, Juhasz A, Liu H, Jiang G, Meitzler JL, Hollingshead M, Haines DC, Butcher D, Roy K, Doroshow JH. 2013. Activation of TLR4 is required for the synergistic induction of dual oxidase 2 and dual oxidase A2 by IFN- and lipopolysaccharide in human pancreatic cancer cell lines. J Immunol. 190(4): 1859-72.
  7. Pfister TD, Hollingshead M, Kinders RJ, Zhang Y, Evrard YA, Ji J, Khin SA, Borgel S, Stotler H, Carter J, Divelbiss R, Kummar S, Pommier Y, Parchment RE, Tomaszewski JE, Doroshow JH. 2012. Development and Validation of an Immunoassay for Quantification of Topoisomerase I in Solid Tumor Tissues. PLoS ONE 7(12):e50494. Epub 2012 Dec 28.
  8. Day C-P, Carter J, Bonomi C, Hollingshead M, Merlino G. 2011. Preclinical therapeutic response of residual metastatic disease is distinct from its primary tumor of origin. Intl J Cancer. 130 (1): 190-9.
  9. Alcoser SY, Kimmel DJ, Borgel SD, Carter JP, Dougherty KM, Hollingshead MG. 2011. Real-time PCR-based assay to quantify the relative amount of human and mouse tissue present in tumor xenografts. BMC Biotechnology 11:124.
  10. Kenney S, Vistica .T Stockwin LH, Burkett S, Hollingshead M, Borgel SD, Butcher DO, Schrump DS, Shoemaker RH. 2011. ASPS-1, a novel cell line manifesting key features of alveolar soft part sarcoma. J Ped Hematol Oncol. May 5 (Epub ahead of print).
  11. Kinders RJ, Hollingshead M, Lawrence S, Ji J, Rabb B, Bonner WM, Pommier Y, Rubinstein L, Evrard YA, Parchment RE, Tomaszewski J, Doroshow JH and the National Cancer Institute Phase 0 Clinical Trials Team. 2010. Development of a validated immunofluorescence assay for (H2AX as a pharmacodynamic marker of topoisomerase I inhibitor activity. Clin Cancer Res. 16(22): 5447-57.
  12. Stockwin LH, Yu SX, Borgel S, Hancock C, Wolfe TL, Phillips LR, Hollingshead MG, Newton DL. 2010. Sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) selectively targets cells with defects in the mitochondrial ETC. Intl J Cancer 127: 2510-19.
  13. Rapisarda A, Hollingshead M, Uranchimeg B, Bonomi CA, Borgel SD, Carter JP, Gehrs B, Raffeld M, Kinders RJ, Parchment R, Anver MR, Shoemaker RH, Melillo G. 2009. Increased antitumor activity of bevacizumab in combination with hypoxia inducible factor-1 inhibition. Mol. Cancer Ther. 8(7): 1867-77.
  14. Vistica DT, Hollingshead M, Borgel SD, Kenney S, Stockwin LH, Raffeld M, Schrump DS, Burkett S, Stone G, Butcher DO and Shoemaker RH. 2009. Therapeutic Vulnerability of an In Vivo Model of Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS) to Anti -Angiogenic Therapy. J Ped Hematol Oncol. 31(8):561-70.
  15. Day C-P, Carter J, Bonomi C, Esposito D, Crise B, Ortiz-Conde B, Hollingshead M, Merlino G. 2009. Lentivirus-mediated bifunctional cell labeling for in vivo melanoma study. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 22(3): 283-95.
  16. Galal AM, Gul W, Slade D, Ross SA, Feng S, Hollingshead MG, Alley MC, Kaur G, ElSohly MA. 2009. Synthesis and evaluation of dihydroartemisinin and dihydroartemisitene acetal dimers showing anticancer and antiprotozoal activity. Bioorg Med Chem 17(2):741-51.
  17. Kinders RJ, Hollingshead M, Khin S, Rubinstein L, Tomaszewski JE, Doroshow JH Parchment RE, and The NCI Phase 0 Clinical Trials Team. 2008. Preclinical modeling of a Phase 0 clinical trial: Qualification of a pharmacodynamic assay of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase in tumor biopsies of mouse xenografts. Clin Cancer Res 14 (21): 6877-85.
  18. Hollingshead MG. 2008. Antitumor efficacy testing in rodents. JNCI 100 (21): 1500-10.

About the Branch Chief

Dr. Melinda Hollingshead has served as Chief of the Biological Testing Branch at NCI since 2005. The Biological Testing Branch (BTB) establishes patient derived xenograft (PDX) models, isolates cell lines from PDX models and conducts preclinical anti-cancer drug evaluations in relevant rodent models. Additionally, the BTB manages the distribution of cell lines and tumor samples from the DCTD Repository. More…