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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Last Updated: 04/02/15

TPB Publications

2001 Abstracts/Presentations

  1. Young Geun Shin, Xun Cheng, Richard B. van Breemen, Adaline C. Smith, Joseph E. Tomaszewski, and Barry S. Levine, 2001. Quantitative Analysis of Betulinic Acid in Mouse, Rat and Dog Plasma Using Electrospray LC-MS. 49th American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference, Chicago, IL.
  2. Feng, W.Y., Chan, K.K., and Covey, J.M., 2001. Electrospray LC/MS/MS Quantitation of Bradykinin Antagonist Polypeptide B201 in Plasma Using an Ion-trap Mass Spectrometer. 49th American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference, Chicago, IL.
  3. Chen, W., Gandhi, V., Ayres, M.L., Madden, T.L., Rhie, J., and Newman, R.A., 2001. Plasma and Cellular Pharmacology of 8-Chloro-Adenosine (NSC-354258) in Rats. [Abstract No. 433]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 80-81.
  4. Wang, H., Wang, S.Y., Wang, Z., Oliver, P., Nan, L., Rhie, J., Zhang, R., and Hill, D.l., 2001. Tissue Distribution of Radiolabeled 2'-Fluorodeoxyuracil-b-D-Arabinofuranoside and 2'-Fluoro-5-Methyldeoxyuracil-b-D-Arabinofuranoside In Tumor-Bearing Mice. [Abstract No. 448]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 83.
  5. Alley, M.C., Covey, J.M., Pacula-Cox, C.M., Waud, W.R., Dykes, D.J., Egorin, M.J., Eiseman, J.L., and Sausville, E.A., 2001. In Vitro and in Vivo Pharmacologic Evaluations of N,N-DimethylaminoBenzoylphenyl-urea and a Principal Metabolite Which Exhibit Multi-Spectrum Anticancer Activities. [Abstract No. 2035]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 378.
  6. Noker, P.E., Fulton, R., Lin, T-H., Weinberg, D.S., Schweikart, K.M., and Page, J.G., 2001. Effect of Tetrahydrouridine on the Pharmacokinetics of 5-Chloro-2'-Deoxycytidine in Monkeys. [Abstract No. 2041]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 379.
  7. Zheng, H., Chan, K.K., Covey, J.M., Tosca, P., and Turner, N., 2001. Pharmacokinetics of R(+)- and S(-) XK469, an Antitumor Topoisomerase IIb Poison, in the Rat by Chiral HPLC. [Abstract No. 2048]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 380.
  8. Egorin, M.J., Stecklair, K.P., Hamburger, D.R., Parise, R.A., Zuhowski, E.G., Covey, J.M., and Eiseman, J.L., 2001. The Plasma Pharmacokinetics and Tissue Distribution of Halofuginone (NSC713205) in Rodents. [Abstract No.2049 ]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 380-381.
  9. Smith, A.C., Tosca, P.J., Prezioso, J., Grossi, I., Ryan, M., Zutshi, A., Lee, S., Son, W.C., Juhn, S.H., Tomaszewski, J.E., and Turner, N., 2001. Preclinical Toxicity of LB 42908 (NSC-712392), a Novel New Farnesyl transferase (FTase) Inhibitor Proposed for the Treatment of Cancer. [Abstract No. 2631]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 489.
  10. Donohue, S.J., Brown, A.P., Prezioso, J.A., Tosca, P.J., Stinson, S.F., Tomaszewski, J.E., Levine, B.S., and Turner, N.A., 2001. Toxicity Findings and Pharmacokinetics of Benzothiazole (NSC-674495) and the Lysyl Prodrug of 5-F-Benzothiazole (NSC-710305) in Beagle Dogs. [Abstract No. 5012]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 933.
  11. Johnson, W.D., McCormick, D.L., Nakanishi, O., Tomaszewski, J.E., and Smith, A.C., 2001. Preclinical Development of MS-275 (NSC-706995), a Synthetic Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor. [Abstract No. 5013]. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer Res., 42, 933.
  12. Tomaszewski, J.E., 2001. Use of In Vitro Bone Marrow Toxicity Data in the Development of Anticancer Drugs. TestSmart - Pharmaceuticals: An Efficient and Humane Approach to Predictors of Potential Toxic Effects of Drugs. Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

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