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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Last Updated: 04/02/15

TPB Publications

1998 Publications

  1. Budihardjo, I.I., Walker, D.L., Svingen, P.A., Buckwalter, C.A., Desnoyers,S., Eckdahl, S., Shah, G.M., Poirier, G.G., Reid, J.M., Ames, M.M., Kaufmann, S.H., 1998. 6-Aminonicotinamide Sensitizes Human Tumor Cell Lines to Cisplatin, Clinical Cancer Res. 4(1), 117-130.
  2. Howard, O.M.Z., J.J. Openheim, M.G. Hollingshead, J.M. Covey, J. Bigelow, J.J. McCormack, R.W. Buckheit, Jr., D.J. Clanton, J.A. Turpin and W.G. Rice, 1998. Inhibition of in Vitro and in Vivo HIV Replication by a Distamycin Analogue that Interferes with Chemokine Receptor Function: A Candidate for Chemotherapeutic and Microbicidal Application. J. Med. Chem., 41, 2184-2193.
  3. Newman, R.A., Chen, W., Madden, T.L., 1998. Pharmaceutical Properties of Related Calanolide Compounds with Activity Against Human Immunodeficiency Virus, J. Pharmaceutical Sciences, 87, 1077-1080.
  4. Sausville, E.A., R.D. Lush, D. Headlee, A.C. Smith, W.D. Figg, S.G. Arbuck, A.M. Senderowicz, E. Fuse, H. Tanii, T. Kuwabara and S. Kobayashi, 1998. Clinical Pharmacology of UCN-01: Initial Observations and Comparison to Preclinical Models. Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol.,42 (Suppl): S54-S59.
  5. Nomeir, A.A., McComish, M.F., Ferrala, N.F., Silveira, D., Covey, J.M., and Chadwick, M. 1998. Liquid chromatographic analysis in mouse, dog, and human plasma; stability, absorption, metabolism and pharmacokinetics of the anti-HIV agent 2-chloro-5-(2-methyl-5,6-dihydro-1,4-oxathiin-3-yl carboxamido)isopropylbenzoate (NSC 615985, UC 84). J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 17: 27-38.
  6. Egorin, M.J., Rosen, D.M., Wolff, J.H., Callery, P.S., Musser, S.M.,Eiseman, J.L., 1998. Metabolism of 17-(allylamino)-17-demethoxygeldanamycin (NSC 330507) by Murine and Human Hepatic Preparations, Cancer Res., 58: 2385-2396.

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