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Last Updated: 05/20/22


Responses to Oncology Agents and Dosing in Models to Aid Preclinical Studies

ROADMAPS provides publicly accessible preclinical data evaluating the effects of 70 different agents on 140 different xenograft models.

Xenograft model of prostate cancer

Xenograft model of prostate cancer
Credit: NIH


  • Serve as a publicly available research resource to inform the design of tolerable single- and combination-agent regimens in preclinical mouse models
  • Fill an unmet need in drug development by releasing preclinical data and the methods used in preclinical xenograft models to evaluate the effects of cancer drugs on human tumor growth in vivo for use by the research community


  • Multiple xenograft models were tested for nearly all cancer histologies, including 24 models of lung cancer.
  • Dose levels and schedules were comparable to those tolerated in humans.
  • Targeted, cytotoxic, and adjuvant single agents were included.


  • Data are presented in a downloadable spreadsheet, which will be periodically updated as additional combinations of agents and models are evaluated.
  • Data can be filtered by:
    • NSC number
    • agent generic name
    • dose
    • mouse strain
    • administration route
    • dosing schedule
    • tumor model
    • tumor response
    • maximum weight loss
    • drug-related deaths
    • vehicle formulation

More Information

  • DTP’s Biological Testing Branch (BTB) website
  • Melinda Hollingshead, DVM, PhD, Branch Chief, BTB (
  • Hollingshead MG, Greenberg N, Ahalt MG, Camalier R, Johnson BC, Collins JM, and Doroshow JH. ROADMAPS: An online database of response data, dosing regimens, and toxicities of approved oncology drugs as single agents to guide preclinical in vivo studies. Cancer Res. 2022 Apr 26. Online ahead of print. PMID: 35472132