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Last Updated: 05/06/2024


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DTP supports a number of Repositories for the acquisition, storage and distribution of chemical, and biological samples and standards to researchers worldwide. In many cases there is no, or only a nominal fee for samples. These repositories listed below. Please visit the individual Repository's homepage for inventory details, distribution policies and procedures.

  • Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) Tumor Repository
    DTP has maintained a low temperature repository of transplantable in vivo-derived tumors and in vitro-established tumor cell lines from various species, located at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland since the early 1960s. This DCTD Tumor Repository serves as a resource for viable, pathogen-screened experimental tumor lines, many of which are not available elsewhere. The DCTD Tumor Repository makes these materials available to qualified investigators as a service to the cancer research community.
  • Repository of Patient-Derived Models
    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has launched a national repository of Patient-Derived Models (PDMs) comprised of patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) and in vitro patient-derived cell cultures (PDCs), including mixed cell populations, clonal cell lines, and fibroblast cell lines, to serve as a resource for public-private partnerships and for academic drug discovery efforts. These PDMs are early-passage and clinically-annotated with molecular information available in a public database for the extramural community. Additional models will continue to be added to the PDMR as they pass internal quality control criteria.
  • Repository of Chemical Agents — Small Molecules and Isolated Natural Products
    DTP maintains a repository of synthetic compounds and pure natural products that are available to investigators for non-clinical research purposes. The Repository collection is a uniquely diverse set of more than 200,000 compounds that have been either submitted to DTP for biological evaluation or, in some cases, synthesized under DTP auspices.
  • Repository of Natural Products
    DTP’s Natural Products Repository is the world’s largest storehouse of natural products. It houses close to 170,000 extracts from samples of more than 70,000 plants and 10,000 marine organisms collected from more than 25 countries, plus more than 30,000 extracts of diverse bacteria and fungi. The Natural Products Repository, administered by the Natural Products Branch, provides extramural researchers with natural products extracts for testing against any human disease.
  • Repository of Biologicals — Monoclonal Antibodies, Cytokines and Cytokine Standards
    This NCI-sponsored facility stores bulk cytokines, monoclonal antibodies, and cytokine standards under carefully controlled conditions. The repository provides a constant and uniform supply of high-quality reagents to nonprofit institutions and qualified commercial establishments at no charge. New materials have been acquired by donation or at reduced cost by negotiating with companies and investors.