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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Last Updated: 06/17/15

Information Technology Branch (ITB)


The Information Technology Branch (ITB) is the primary automated resource for information and data within the DTP. ITB manages chemical and biological databases to support ongoing research efforts of the DTP. ITB employs state-of-art software and hardware facilities to provide support for DTP, and engages in collaborative research to promote further implementation of information technology within the branch. ITB provides computational chemistry and molecular modeling support for DTP and DCTD projects. ITB is also primarily responsible for preparing DTP data for release to the research community.

About the Branch Chief

Dr. Daniel Zaharevitz Dr. Daniel Zaharevitz started his career at NCI as a high school student, winning an American Cancer Society summer research scholarship to work in the laboratory of Dr. David Johns. He continued at NCI in various student positions during his under-graduate and graduate career at Johns Hopkins, which finished with a Ph.D. in chemistry. More…