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Last Updated: 01/05/24

Obtaining Vialed and Plated Compounds

Currently, the NCI is not distributing research samples from the Open Chemicals Repository Collection, which includes all vialed samples and plated sets, to investigators outside of the United States and U.S. Territories.


DTP maintains a repository of synthetic compounds and pure natural products that are available to investigators for non-clinical research purposes. The Repository collection is a uniquely diverse set of more than 200,000 compounds that have been either submitted to DTP for biological evaluation or, in some cases, synthesized under DTP auspices. Samples obtained from the NCI/DTP Open Chemicals Repository are available at no cost except for shipping charges. Importantly, investigators should note that chemical structures of these substances are those assigned by the originator of the material and in most cases, the compounds have not been analyzed by DTP for accuracy of structure or for the purity of the sample. Potentially available compounds can be searched by name or NSC number using the “DTP Data Search Tools”. The availability of some samples may be limited by current inventory.

Note: There is a maximum of 40 compounds that can be requested each month.

For ordering procedure and contact information, please visit:
Procedure to Obtain Vialed Samples
Procedure to Obtain Plated Compound Sets

For available compound sets, please visit:
Available Plated Compound Sets

For ordering compounds, please use the following form:
Compound Request Form

To view the status of an existing order, please visit:
Authorize/View Compound Orders

For institutional representatives to authorize a Simple Letter of Agreement, please visit:
Authorize/View Compound Orders