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Last Updated: 01/31/24

Procedure to Obtain Plated Sets

Currently, the NCI is not distributing research samples from the Open Chemicals Repository Collection, which includes all vialed samples and plated sets, to investigators outside of the United States and U.S. Territories.

A number of plated compound sets, both diverse and focused, are available to for non-clinical research purposes to investigators worldwide. There is no charge for the sets except for shipping costs.

Plated samples generally solubilized in DMSO are provided in frozen 96-well microtiter plates. A plate map is included with each shipment of plates and indicates the accession number of the compound in each well. In the large majority of cases the individual samples have not been analyzed for the accuracy of the structural information or for the purity of the sample unless otherwise indicated in the set description.

Requests for materials should include:

  • A brief explanation of the research hypothesis and relevance to cancer, AIDS, or opportunistic infections that affect patients with cancer or AIDS.
  • A brief description of the screening process and characteristics of the assay.

To request plated sets, please visit the following link:

To recognize NCI's contribution, investigators shall add the following statement to the acknowledgement section of their publication:
"The PI wishes to thank the National Cancer Institute Developmental Therapeutics Program (NCI/DTP) for providing screening data of compounds present in this (poster, manuscript, presentation, etc.). Specifically, NSC #: X, Y, Z , etc."

Any technical difficulties encountered with the online submission process should be addressed to:

Stephen L. White, Ph.D.
Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch
Developmental Therapeutics Program
National Cancer Institute/NIH