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Last Updated: 05/28/15

Procedure to Obtain Vialed Samples

The Developmental Therapeutics Program makes available samples of select agents in small amounts from our Open Chemical Repository compounds for non-clinical research purposes to investigators worldwide. Researchers should determine the requirements of the research, then request the minimum amount of each compound. Although there is no fee for each sample, researcher recipients are required to cover shipping charges by supplying an account number from either Federal Express or World Courier, depending on their location as indicated below.

  • World Courier only for India and PR China region
  • Federal Express only for all regions exclusive of India and PR China

DTP distributes samples from the Open Chemical Repository exclusively through a web-based ordering system. Each request for samples will be considered based on various factors, including current inventory and the information provided by researchers in the "assay description" field justifying the quantities being sought. Requesters will need to provide significant experimental details to justify the release of amounts that would exceed a typical in vitro assay (>10 mg). Samples of most FDA-approved oncology drugs are available in 5 mg quantities.

Please note that an individual with the appropriate signatory authority from the investigator’s organization will be required to accept an on-line Simple Letter of Agreement (SLA) for material transfer before the compound order is forwarded for DTP approval. The SLA appears at the end of the ordering process and will be sent electronically by DTP to the designated signatory authority. Vialed samples or plated sets are generally shipped within a week after approval by DTP staff.

Open Chemical Repository Sample Request Flow Scheme

Requestors should have the following required information prior to starting the ordering process.

  1. Requestor’s contact/shipping information
  2. A 9-digit FedEx number for charging shipping to all countries other than India and PR China
  3. A World Courier number for charging shipping to India and PR China only
  4. NSC number of sample (use "Data Search" at DTP homepage)
  5. Amount of sample in milligrams to be requested
  6. Intended use of sample (e.g. CDK screening assay standard)
  7. Contact information, including e-mail, of Organization’s signatory authority for accepting Simple Letter of Agreement for Materials Transfer (SLA)

To request vialed samples, please visit the following link:

Any technical difficulties encountered with the online submission process should be addressed to:

Stephen L. White, Ph.D.
Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch
Developmental Therapeutics Program
National Cancer Institute/NIH