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Last Updated: 12/13/16


Grants on Preclinical Anticancer Drug Discovery and Treatment

The research grants program administered by the Preclinical Therapeutics Grants Branch (PTGB) supports all aspects of preclinical anticancer drug discovery and treatment strategies, including drug design, selective targeting of therapeutic agents, development of new preclinical models for drug discovery, biomarker development for assessing treatment response, and understanding, preventing and overcoming drug resistance. Applications are accepted in the following drug research categories: synthesis and chemistry, natural products, screening and experimental therapeutics, pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry and mechanism of action.

Grants on Biological Agents and Immunological Concepts

Research on biological agents and immunological concepts for cancer treatment is supported by the Biological Resources Branch (BRB).

Grant applicants with applications that include clinical trials and/or studies of patient outcome are referred to the Cancer Therapy Evluation Program (CTEP).