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Last Updated: 05/12/15

Molecular Targets

Thousands of molecular targets have been measured in the NCI panel of 60 human tumor cell lines. Measurements include protein levels, RNA measurements, mutation status and enzyme activity levels. You can choose to search for a target of interest, or you may browse through a list of targets. Follow the links for a target to retrieve the 60 cell line data (either text or graphical), to run COMPARE (find Targets or Compounds whose patterns correlate with a Target of interest) and to link to various databases with information (function, sequences, disease associations) about the target. For more information on the Molecular Target effort see the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

  1. Molecular target FAQ
  2. Search molecular target data
  3. Browse molecular target data
  4. Download molecular target data
  5. Information for Targeteers
  6. Download bibliography of Targeteers
  7. Update on cell line derivations
  8. Guided Tour
  9. Useful Links

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