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Last Updated: 01/05/18

IOB Staff Profile and Focus Areas

Connie Sommers, Ph.D.

Dr. Connie Sommers obtained her Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology from the Georgetown University School of Medicine. She pioneered the concept of EMT (epithelial-mesenchymal transition) in breast cancer during her time at the NCI Medicine Branch and at Georgetown University. She transitioned to studying developmental immunology in 1994 at NICHD and was a Staff Scientist at NCI for 17 years as an expert on genetic mouse modeling to study T cell signaling. Dr. Sommers joined the IOB in 2017, where she is happy to be able to utilize her backgrounds in cancer research and in basic immunology. Her programmatic research interests include: checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy, adoptive cellular immunotherapies, preclinical models of immunotherapy, canine immunotherapy, nanotechnology in immunotherapy, and combination cancer therapies.

Connie L. Sommers, Ph.D.
Program Director