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Last Updated: 05/29/15

MicroXeno Project

The MicroXeno Project was initiated to generate genome-wide cDNA microarray data for all subcutaneous xenograft models currently used within the DTP. The array data provided here is a reference dataset that can be used to study multiple xenograft models at multiple passages in vivo. This project will ultimately encompass over 100 models, with data from cell lines and successive xenograft passages. The panel includes tumor cell lines from diverse histological origins including leukemia/lymphoma, non-small cell lung, colon, CNS, melanoma, ovarian, renal, prostate, liver, gastric, head and neck, pancreatic, and breast cancer. It also includes, but is not limited to, many of the cell lines in the NCI-60 panel. The study utilizes Affymetrix HG-U133 Plus 2.0 arrays, capable of identifying more than 30,000 human transcripts from >54,000 probe sets. The first release encompasses 49 experimental models with each consisting of data from the originating cell lines and the resulting xenografts at passages 1, 4 and 10 (P1, P4, P10).


Gene expression profiling of 49 human tumor xenografts from in vitro culture through multiple in vivo passages — strategies for data mining in support of therapeutic studies. MG Hollingshead, LH Stockwin, SY Alcoser, DL Newton, BC Orsburn, CA Bonomi, SD Borgel, R Divelbiss, KM Dougherty, EJ Hager, SL Holbeck, G Kaur, DJ Kimmel, MW Kunkel, A Millione, ME Mullendore, H Stotler, J Collins. BMC Genomics 15:393, 2014.
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