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Last Updated: 01/31/24

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is there a limit on the number of submissions?

    A limit is instituted due to the demand for the NCI60 testing resource. It allows for a steady flow of submissions and a reasonable turnaround time for return of testing data.

  2. How long will it take to obtain results?

    In general, initial 1-dose results are available within 8 weeks of receipt of sample. Results of 5-dose testing are dependent on Program priorities.

  3. How does one acknowledge the NCI's contribution in a manuscript or other publication?

    Investigators shall add the following statement to the acknowledgement section of their publication:

    "The PI wishes to thank the National Cancer Institute Developmental Therapeutics Program (NCI/DTP) for providing screening data of compounds present in this (poster, manuscript, presentation, etc.). Specifically, NSC #: X, Y, Z , etc."

  4. Are mixtures of compounds allowed?

    No, only single pure compounds are acceptable.

  5. Can solutions be submitted?

    No, only neat compounds (solid or oil) should be submitted.

  6. What if my compound is not stable to storage or solution?

    A request to store cold and solubilize immediately prior to testing can be included in the submission storage and/or comments section.

  7. Can pre-plated samples be submitted?

    No, we only accept vialed samples.

  8. Can I submit compounds without the revealing the structure?

    No, the chemical structure, including stereochemistry is mandatory.

  9. What is an NSC number?

    This is a compound identifier assigned by DTP to identify an agent or product (e.g. small molecule or biological agent). It is an abbreviation for Cancer Chemotherapy National Service Center number. Most structures have a unique NSC number but over the years a small percentage of structures or agents may have been assigned more than one NSC number. In the case of salts, different salt forms (e.g. HCl, HOAc) are designated with separate NSC numbers. An NSC number will be assigned to your compound once the request is selected AND the material is received. You will need the NSC number to retrieve your testing data and it should be used in all communications with NCI regarding your compound.

  10. I have submitted a request; it has been 10 business days and I have not received a selection decision, what should I do?

    Initially, check with your designated signatory authority to confirm that they have received our e-mail and agreed to our required CDA/MTA. If confirmed and more than 10 days have elapsed since, please contact Keania Colbert ( for follow-up.

  11. We would like to negotiate modifications to the standard CDA/MTA, who do I contact?

    No changes are allowed to the CDA/MTA.

  12. Can I submit requests independently as a postdoc or graduate student?

    No, in order to be eligible for an account you will need to be a faculty member. Your use of the account will be governed by the account holder.

  13. If my compound is selected for the 5-dose test should I prepare an additional sample to send?

    No, the initial 10-15 mg sample you provided is sufficient to create test solutions for both the 1-dose and 5-dose assays.

  14. What should I do, if I forget my DTP account username and password?

    Contact Keania Colbert ( who will reset your account.