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Last Updated: 01/31/24

NCI60 Submission Request Procedure

Currently, the NCI is not accepting submissions of compounds for NCI-60 testing submitted from investigators outside of the United States and U.S. Territories.

Once submitters have completed the account setup, they should log in and access their account through the DTP Submission Application and click on “Add New Compound for NCI 60 Screening.” The chemical structures of compounds to be requested for screening and other data are submitted through the on-line submission form. An individual entry will need to be completed for each structure. The chemical structure can be entered using either the embedded chemical drawing program or added as a mol file. Once complete and submitted, the request will be routed to the requester’s designated signatory authority. The signatory authority will be required to agree to an on-line CDA/MTA. The submission request will be forwarded to DTP staff for review upon agreement to the CDA/MTA. If the CDA/MTA is not executed by the submitter’s institutional authority within 30 days, the request will expire and have to be resubmitted. The following minimum information is required at time of submission request:

  • Institutional Signatory Authority Name
  • Institutional Signatory Authority E-mail Address
  • Chemical Structure
  • Stereochemistry
  • Molecular Weight
  • Physical State

If compounds are of particular interest based on a biological hypothesis or data, or similar chemical analogs, it is recommended that a brief explanation be entered in the appropriate field to strengthen the case for selection. After the DTP selection process is complete, the supplier will receive e-mail notification of a decision and if selected, instructions for mailing the physical sample(s) to the NCI Repository. Suppliers should not send in any samples until instructed. The sample size requirement is 10-15 mg, but for relatively inaccessible natural products, 5 mg is acceptable.

After compounds are received at the NCI Repository, they are assigned an identifying NSC number, inventoried and placed into the NCI60 screening queue. All subsequent communications regarding a compound should include its NSC number.

Any unused sample will be subject to the terms of the CDA/MTA.

There is a limit of 10 structure submission requests per 30 day period.

To recognize NCI's contribution, investigators shall add the following statement to the acknowledgement section of their publication:
"The PI wishes to thank the National Cancer Institute Developmental Therapeutics Program (NCI/DTP) for providing screening data of compounds present in this (poster, manuscript, presentation, etc.). Specifically, NSC #: X, Y, Z , etc."