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Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
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Last Updated: 05/26/23

NPB Staff:

Name Position Email
Dr. Barry O’Keefe Chief
Jason Evans Scientific Programmer
Dr. Tanja Grkovic Visiting Scientist
Carol Haggerty Repository Coordinator
Dr. Brian Peyser Computational Research Biologist


Natural Products Support Group

John Britt
Programmer Analyst IV
Information Technology, Robotic Processing, Data Handling, Automation Training
Melissa Kuenhert
Research Associate I
In vitro Drup Prep.
Robotic Programming
Automation Laboratory
(NPNPD Support)
Joseph Carl
Research Associate I
Robotic Programming
Teresa Ewing
Research Technician
Nunnara Masiri
Research Technician
Ekene Okoroafor
Automation Engineering Technician (Post Bac)
Robotic programming
Matt Harris
Research Associate II
3D prototype design and printing, Freeze Dryer Operations, Scale-up Extractions
Production Laboratory
Jerell Thompson
Research Technician
Pre-fractionation, Freeze Dryer Operations, Plant Grinding, Marine Processing, Extract Production, Waste Disposal
Svetlana Hogan
Automation Engineer II
In vitro Drug Prep.
Platemaking, QC
Alexander Marinkosky
Research Technician
In vitro Drug Prep.
Chris Thornburg, PhD
Senior Scientist
Natural Products Isolation and Structure Elucidation, Mass Spectrometry, Microbial Metabolites
Chemistry Laboratory
Rohitesh Kumar, PhD
Scientist II
Natural Products Isolation and Structure Elucidation, Methods Development, Chemical Purity and Identity
Rhone Akee
Research Associate III
Synthesis, Analytical Methods, Chemical Purity and Identity, Scientific Equipment
Rachel Croyle
Chemistry Technician (Post Bac)
Natural Products Isolation and Structure Elucidation
Suzanne Shipley, MSc
Research Associate II
Microbial Isolation & Identification, Large-Scale Fermentation, Culture Optimization
Microbial Laboratory
Terri DeLloyed, MSc
Research Associate II
Viability and Purity Assessments
Joyce Darner
Research Associate I
Fermentations, Cryopreservation
Siang Manc
Research Technician
Fermentations, Cryopreservation
Taylor Schweinebraten
Research Technician (Moonshot)
Fermentations, Cryopreservation

Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.

About the Branch Chief

Dr. Barry R. O’Keefe Dr. Barry R. O’Keefe received a B.S. in Botany from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1993. In 1994 he joined the National Cancer Institute’s Laboratory of Drug Discovery Research and Development to study novel proteins from natural products extracts. More…